Monday, July 21, 2014

The Fast Lane.

One of my most important "strategies" that I use every school year is: Go in with the right amount of confidence as you step inside the classroom. If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you're comfortable enough to focus in class instead of wondering, "I hope no one realizes this is my high school spirit shirt from 5 years ago..." Take some time out of your semester to let your inner high-maintenance side shine.
This fall, it's all about getting into the fast lane of fashion. Who says style can't be tied in with education?!
Today's entire outfit (excluding my Betsey Johnson watch) is from one of my most favorite boutiques in the Rio Grande Valley. Style Hub Boutique is a trendy, and even better, affordable find that you can't pass up. Their constant inventory update ensures that you have the latest, must-haves exactly when you need them. And a cool added extra? They also carry plus-sizes! Whoop!
Tip: Not up for heels during a jam packed schedule? Swap them out for charming ballerina flats. Just as flattering, just as darling. 

Interested in making this your new back to school look? Stop by:
Style Hub Boutique
2704 E. Griffin Pkwy. Suite A3
Mission, Texas
Follow Style Hub on Facebook for a sneak peek at new arrivals, store hours and more and on Instagram: @stylehub_boutique
Love, C.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Hey, y'all! I hope everyone's summer has been absolutely exceptional and fabulous so far. It's far from over, so go out and try to enjoy every day to it's fullest! Weeeeeell...after work that is for me and my fellow busy, busy bees. And this is exactly what this post is for.
I know that it's hard to believe that aside from my work tee, black shorts, and my Nikes I actually do like to dress up when the occasion comes along. Whenever I go out with friends after my working day is done, I usually like to wear something quick, light and easy enough to toss in the back seat of my car.
Lately, I've been in to black A LOT. It's a minimal color, and it's so easy to pair with anything and everything. Today, I decided to wear my favorite LBD with a printed button-up blouse and a statement necklace. When you're in a pinch for time, bold jewelry and a trusty print can instantly dress up your outfit. And obviously, I partnered this ensemble with my trusty sand-colored sandals from Old Navy perfect for a night out on the island.
And you're done. Ready for a summer night out. Ta-Da!
In this post: My dress is from Forever 21, button-up from American Eagle, earrings from Brighton and my necklace is from good ol' Target.
 Follow me on Instagram: @_claroclarice.
Love, C.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Home of the Brave on the Bay.

Independence Day is such an important day for me. As a proud Texan, but most importantly a very proud American, I couldn't be more thankful to have been born and raised in the land of the free and the home of the brave. It's little things such as blogging for instance, that me and many Americans both men and women take for granted. We are free to speak our mind. And free to dress the way we want to as a form of personal expression or art.
It's beautiful things such as those that many people aren't fortunate enough to experience. A huge thanks goes out to our men and women in uniform, and our founding fathers who fought so hard to make America one nation under God. Thank you will never be enough.
So yes, as I'm about to break out in a spirited USA chant and crank up Toby Keith's, "Courtesy Of The Red, White and Blue," I'll just remind myself that Friday is a few days away! Now let's get down to business...
For a holiday such as Fourth of July, I know that it's guaranteed I'll be outdoors popping some fireworks, or sitting by the bay with my family watching the sunset. Whatever it is, go with my number one rule: wear something that you're going to feel comfortable in all evening.
I'm deciding to go with a printed oldie-but-goodie dress that I got from Cotton On that I've literally worn a thousand and one times (Ask any of my friends, they know it's my favorite.), and a dark orange cardigan from JC Penny. Now, before y'all say anything, I chose orange because it's a quirky difference than going with your usual red, white and blue ensemble. My blue and white are shown on my dress; I just decided not to wear red! I'm also wearing some sandals from Old Navy and of course my trusty Coach crossbody. 
Now when it comes to makeup and hair, natural is best for the night. Take a night off to enjoy yourself. And that means your tresses and gorgeous skin. I'm opting for a natural fresh faced look with a dab of BB cream, and a shear rose colored lip for something subtle but noticeable. And for my fellow mascara obsess-ies: a single coat won't hurt.

Happy Fourth. 
Love, C.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Johnson Vibes.

Every girl has those days where she just wants to be, well, girly. And today was mine. There's nothing like swiping on your favorite lipstick and a slipping into a feminine floral print. I kept a touch of the island with a tropical floral dress from Roxy, and topped it off with a quarter-sleeved crop top with black and white stripes.

This look combines two things I'm obsessed with right now: layering and mixing patterns.

Another thing about this look? It reminds me of something straight out of a Betsey Johnson look book! This goes to show you don't have to pay high end prices to get the high end look you adore. I hope some of my Johnson vibes rub off on y'all.

Watch: Betsey Johnson
Lipstick: Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in Rossetto
Purse: Coach

Love, C.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is this weekend (May 11th) and to be honest, I still haven't bought my mom's gift. I know, I'm a horrible daughter! But not to worry, I have a good excuse. I've just been very swamped with finals, but rest assured, I took time aside from studying to write this post for not only you, but me too.
This Mother's Day set was inspired by, well, my mom! I've always admired my mother's calm, simple style. It just exudes an island lifestyle and it never takes away from her natural beauty, it just enhances it even more. This one is for you, mom. Kissie.
1.) DVF Bryn Printed Chiffon Peasant Blouse
2.) Tantra Fabiana Coral Straight Pants
3.) Uno De 50 Rizando El Rizo Bracelet
4.) Chanel CHANCE
5.) A watch from Fossil
6.) Tory Burch Quilted Style Ballerina
7.) NARS Satin Lipstick in Honolulu Honey
Interested in viewing more of my sets? Visit my Polyvore page to view even more creative matter.
Love, C.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Laugh and Layer.

Winter is usually the time when layering is a necessity. Then again, who says you can't layer during spring or summer? Layering, is a great way to make a certain piece within your closet, a new outfit more than once. I've worn this purple maxi dress plenty of times with a cardigan/wrap, on its own, or with a sweater over. Each time creating a new look every time I wear it.
The key to layering during spring and summer, is to do it lightly. Today, I layered my favorite maxi dress with a bright yellow tank over to not only give it a splash of color, but a splash of spring.

In this post: I'm wearing a dress from Charlotte Russe, top from Aeropostale, and TOMS wedges from Renee's of Sharyland. Makeup by: Ritchelle Diaz.

Love, C.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Terzetto Perfecto.

Everyone that has oily skin knows, #TheStruggleIsReal, when it comes to makeup rituals. Finding just the perfect products to maintain a fresh look through out the day, is a journey in itself. Let's just lay the cards on the table: we want our personality to shine, not our face!
Here is my terzetto perfecto for eliminating an oily complexion:
1.) NYX Shine Killer is absolutely the best product I've ever gotten for fighting shine. You can use it as a primer, over your makeup or wear it alone for a fresh faced look that will last you all day. And if it couldn't get any better, it's affordably priced.
2.) No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder Translucent helps for a flawless finish. It isn't heavy like a bronzer or a powder foundation which I really detest on my face. This product is also ideal for touch ups, and won't disrupt the makeup on your face.
3.) Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray has been featured on the blog before, but it was too good not to bring back! This setting spray lends a helping hand during long days that turn into nights, especially in this humid weather down south. It not only locks in that perfect look, but eliminates shine at the same time.
Love, C.

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