Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Terzetto Perfecto.

Everyone that has oily skin knows, #TheStruggleIsReal, when it comes to makeup rituals. Finding just the perfect products to maintain a fresh look through out the day, is a journey in itself. Let's just lay the cards on the table: we want our personality to shine, not our face!
Here is my terzetto perfecto for eliminating an oily complexion:
1.) NYX Shine Killer is absolutely the best product I've ever gotten for fighting shine. You can use it as a primer, over your makeup or wear it alone for a fresh faced look that will last you all day. And if it couldn't get any better, it's affordably priced.
2.) No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder Translucent helps for a flawless finish. It isn't heavy like a bronzer or a powder foundation which I really detest on my face. This product is also ideal for touch ups, and won't disrupt the makeup on your face.
3.) Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray has been featured on the blog before, but it was too good not to bring back! This setting spray lends a helping hand during long days that turn into nights, especially in this humid weather down south. It not only locks in that perfect look, but eliminates shine at the same time.
Love, C.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Girls Can Do It Better.

At sometime in a girl's life, we've all worn an article of guy's clothing or copied an outfit that we just secretly adored. Even when I go shopping with friends, we can't help but sneak over to the boy's side from time to time. Certain prints, especially tribal and floral sometimes are just too cute not to pass up.
 One trend that we've ripped out of the guy's fashion journal, is the tailored look. It's a trend that has been rebirthed and that has been worn by A-List stars like Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, and Rihanna. My favorite way to rock this look is to pair a simple black blazer, a white tee, with some boyfriend or skinny jeans, along with some cute heels. And of course, as the title says the obvious, girls can do it better!
In this post: Heels from Coach, jeans from Old Navy, blouse from Forever 21, blazer from Charlotte Russe, sunglasses from ModCloth.



Love, C.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Clarice's Spring Essentials.

College has been...to say the least, very hectic! As I'm trying to prepare for my third year at the University of Texas Pan-American, I've also been keeping an eye out for my springtime favorites. Spring has to be one of my favorite seasons. It's a romantic few months that are filled with life, love...and all things floral of course! Here's a little round up of what I've deemed my spring essentials this year:
1.) Tarte Cheek Stain, Tarte Cosmetics. Who doesn't love a natural, healthy line of makeup these days? Tarte cosmetics are made of, "high-performance naturals" such as this cheek stain that has acai, acerola and goji berry extracts. Add this to your collection, and you're good to go this spring. 
2.) Roxy. As long back as I can remember, I've always loved Roxy. And spring and summer just bring out that love even more! A new bikini, clutch or sun hat from this brand will have you reminiscing to days on the shores of South Padre Island.  
3.) Smooth Sphere Lip Balm, EOS. If you haven't tried out this lip balm, you've been living under a rock! It's so amazing that I can't wait to run out of the one I'm on, to buy another. You're lips need this. Promise.
4.) Floral. Floral is such a fresh, new print. Even though it's been used so many times before, I think it never gets old. So why limit this girl print to just your outfits? Florals in your home can add a simple breath of fresh air you needed for the season! And if you need any other ideas for your home d├ęcor, check out Anthropologie. It's perfect.
5.) Nudes. I love the color nude! But, I also like similar colors like blush pink, and beige for spring. I think they're such cool colors to play around with. Tip: I personally think any nude is a great base to start with just about any outfit.
6.) It Girl Bobbi, Ban.do. These little bobby pins are just as cute as a button. They pack so much sass in a little punch. Psst: Not to worry my lovely RGV girls, they sell them exclusively at Maripoza Boutique!
7.) Pointer Sneakers, Keds for kate spade new york. As soon as I Keds and kate spade new york together, I had to get me a pair! These are the perfect sneakers for any on-the-go college girl.
8.) Penny Pastels 22", Penny Skateboards USA. Ever since I purchased my own Penny in January, I've been so obsessed with it! It's just the island girl in me. Get one, love it, and own it.
I hope your spring is filled with laughter, glitter, and wanderlust. Don't forget to follow me on my favorite thing ever invented: social media!
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Love, C.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

On-Campus Fashion.

"What to wear to class this morning," is probably one of the hardest questions to ask a girl in college at around 8:00 in the morning. No matter what you think you thought you were going to wear last night, (for the majority of us) that outfit never makes it out the front door!
My advice is that you choose an outfit that will fit your lifestyle. My favorite look for a casual girl-on-the-go is a relaxed look with any pair of solid or printed leggings, along with a big statement bag. For my glam girls, select a piece you're familiar with, and put a twist on it. Try an embellished light sweater with a bold, dark lip and layer it with a classic button up underneath.
Today's fashionista, Celina, decides to make her glam girl look ready for an on-the-go class day to an out on the town night. And y'all know I loveeee day to night outfits! Her leggings are perfect to cuff up with flats, and cuff down for heels at night. And paired with her flouncy colored blocked blouse, it is a perfect combination for an on-campus look.



But no matter what you choose to wear, remember that you're beautiful and you can be fashionable, too.
Thanks, Celina!
Love, C.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Clarice's Christmas Eve Party Outfits

There's a very select, special group that I and possibly you are a part of. And that little group is called: "The Procrastinators." This is something I do on the regular when I know I have an event, or party to attend. I wait till the last minute to choose what to wear, and how to wear it. Well my lovely fellow procrastinators, here are two outfit ideas for tonight's office party, friendly gathering, or family dinner.
I created these two easy re-creatable looks on Polyvore. Feel more than welcomed to go and follow me! Have a blast tonight!
Love, C.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's Almost Christmas...

This post goes out to all my friends who ask me for fashion advice when they go out to different events, or gatherings during the year! I love playing a "mini-stylist" to some of my friends, but of course, only when they ask! This winter, I lovelovelove playing with opaque tights, different textures, prints, and touches of black. Here are two lovely (one casual and one dressy) options for your Christmas Day outfit.
1.) Dressy: I love different wild cat prints. Especially when they have touches of red. This simple belt adds a pop of color and balance to this otherwise loud print. And it also ties in with her perfect bold, red lip. Keeping your heel the same color as your tights (if you wear any) keeps everything coordinated, and doesn't distract from the main print.
Tip: Not a fan of animal print? Try a solid colored dress, dark lip, and a monochromatic thin belt for the Holiday season.

2.) Casual: Comfortable cardigans are my favorite fall/winter piece. If you know you're going to be running around taking care of the kids, helping with dinner and clean up, this is the way to go. Trust me. Even though you're doing a million and one tasks, DON'T subtract style from your Christmas Day! Tie in colored jeans or jeggings, with a color you might have on your cardigan print. Here we tied in the warm colors yellow and orange. And with a solid basic tee or button up, you're stellar.
Tip: Hate cardigans? Try an oh-so-classic jean jacket with this outfit. Pair it up with a orange, red, beige, or gold scarf.

Thanks so much, Iliasis!
Love, C.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Clarice's Top 10 Luxe Gift Choices

The holidays are just around the corner, y'all! I know that every now and then people need a little push on where to get started. So here are a few ideas. These are my Top 10 Luxe Gift Choices for this holiday season:

1.) Birchbox, Limited Edition: Precious Metals, $120.00

2.) Barneys New York, Manolo Blahnik Caromule, $565.00

3.) Sephora, DRYBAR Blowout In A Box, $199.00

4.) Fendi, ALL IN Bag, $1,600.00

5.) Alice and Olivia, Foss Fitted Bodice Cutout Back Dress, $440.00

6.) DKNY, Scoopneck Pullover with Embellished Front, $235.00

7.) Dillard's, CHANEL Coco Noir Eau de Parfum Spray, $130.00

8.) Marc Jacobs, Rex Sweater Coat, $748.00

9.) Nasty Gal, Versace Tryst Dress, $458.00

10.) Anthropologie, Hacienda Chesterfield, $5,998.00

Love, C.


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